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Buying a House With Cash

October 2, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

No one will turn down cash. If you’re on the market to buy a home and you tell the seller or intermediary group that you have cash on hand and you’re ready to deal, they will do what they can to make the deal work. As Blair Stover discusses below, cash deals are “sure things” and that makes them much more attractive to the seller than deals involving loan companies or banks.

Here are a few tips you should keep in mind when buying a home with cash.


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  1. Maximize your leverage. Since you are skipping over the loan process, dealing with you becomes more attractive for the seller. Take advantage by asking for cash allowances, a homeowner’s warranty, closing timeline and home repairs. Do not expect to get all of these but it would never hurt to throw everything on the table and see what the seller is eager to take.
  2. Work with lawyers or brokers when closing the deal. It may sound like you are spending more money but in retrospect these people will save you some. Make sure they have experience within the market.
  3. Is it right for you? Laying down a large sum of money for anything is an important decision so make sure it is the right thing for you and your family before you do it. Considering investment options is a must when dealing with real estate.
  4. Make sure to inspect. When buying a home with cash, you are not privy to the same info a person that uses a realtor or bank would. Always set up a home inspection to find out if there are any serious home issues.
  5. Estimate all costs. This includes the sale and after-sale costs.


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